« A good story is never the worse for being told twice .» Scottish proverb
« Words belong half to the speaker and half to the listener. » Montaigne
« In Africa, when an old man dies, they say it’s a library burning ... »  Amadou Hampâté Bâ
Interview with Casilda

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For me stories are like maps for life. They transmit the wisdom of the ages and guide us in the journey of life.

Yes. Exactly. These stories came to me unexpectedly and, as nothing happens by accident, I feel I need to communicate them with others. Of course you can find these stories in books but it is not the same to read them as to hear them told. When we hear them from the mouth of someone we receive the energy of the story, the teller’s feelings, experience of life, the images that they see and something of their humanity. It is a unique sensation of communication one with another, to share in the most profound sense of the word. And so something ancestral awakens in us…


I have found some of them in the collections of traditional tales by Henri Gougaud and other authors. But above all I received a magnificent legacy from my years working with Tim Bowley who has made a excellent selection of different stories from around the world. Treasures like the legends of King Arthur, stories from the Native Americans, celtic stories from Ireland, European Fairy Tales and stories from the traditions of Zen Buddhists, Sufism, as well as Arabia, China and India. It is a very rich and varied repertoire of stories that have one thing in common, they are maps to find your path through life.


There are many ways to tell. My style is to create images and archetypes using simple words. I tell the skeleton of the story without giving too much detail so that each member of the audience is free to create their own images and experience whatever touches them at that particular point in their lives. Obviously, I feel more free in Spanish but even in French or English I find simple ways to tell the story. When a story is good, language is not an obstacle to transmit it.


Absolutely not! I was thirty when I first met the English Storyteller Tim Bowley, who has been telling for 25 years. He suggested that I work with him translating his stories in his shows, and that is how I started. I have gained my experience telling on some of the most important of storytelling´s stages.


I don’t have any formal training as a storyteller. I have done a good theatre training and I have a lot of experience in voice work, corporal expression, dance, yoga, meditation and, above all, many years on the stage. But I believe that for this work the biggest school is that of life. It is from life that we can bring out the characters and transmit the deepest emotions. In this work there is no retirement, quite the reverse, I believe that the older you are the better you become.


1998, in the Storytelling Marathon of Guadalajara, one of the oldest storytelling festivals in Spain and a great meeting place of Storytellers. Tim and I started to tell in the courtyard of the Palace of the Infantado in front of an audience of around 2,000 people with a terrible racket in the background. Suddenly there was a sepulchral silence and this immense number of people were listening with all their attention. Two thousand minds becoming quiet and imagining together….. I felt both a peace and an indescribable emotion. This is the most powerful moment I have experienced in the twelve years of my career.


I don´t have any very negative experiences. Sometimes it is to tell in some High Schools for groups of adolescents who are made to come and don’t really want to be there or listen to the stories. It is a strange experience like a waste of something valuable. But in the end even the most reluctant audiences end up being captivated. Stories have this power.


Not exactly a story but a true story that happened to my father. He was 10 years old and he was swimming in the sea when he was suddenly caught in a whirlpool. He was on the point of drowning when a woman saw him from the beach, jumped into the water and saved his life. This woman was called Casilda and my father swore to call one of his daughters by this name.


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Born in Madrid, Casilda Regueiro carries within her the Galician culture and oral tradition of her ancestors. After a lifetime of singing and dancing, reinforced by a professional theatre training, she became a Storyteller and makes the stories she tells come alive, transporting her listeners to imaginary worlds of magic and wonder.


Twelve years ago she began her professional career telling with Tim Bowley the well known English Storyteller. Since then she has given more than a thousand performances throughout Europe, Latin America, India and North Africa, telling in festivals, libraries, schools, prisons and theatres.


Casilda strongly believes in the power of stories from the world's oral traditions to transmit the collective wisdom of the human race and seeks simplicity and authenticity in her work.


Some years ago, she settled in Geneva and now performs in Switzerland and abroad.  

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