Musical stories with orchestra

The tradition of musical storytelling dates back to centuries ago and lives on today. It consists of a story told through words and through music. The narrator tells the story through words in tandem with the orchestra that tells it through music.

Story and music both possess the power to bond human beings through their emotions, and together their impact is amplified. This alliance allows the audience to inhabit the story’s world, to give it form.

This kind of story arises because sometimes an orchestra or a collective of musicians wants their music to be “narrated” because it consists of an opera or a piece of music for theatre conceived with a story in mind.

Other times it is composed as a narrative work of music with text and music going hand in hand (like, for example, Peter and the Wolf). And on other occasions still the musical director is seeking a musical accompaniment for an already existing tale, and in these cases we are speaking of a creative musical story.

This type of performance allows for the spreading of unknown works of music or to give a story an added dimension thanks to the music.

Peter and the Wolf

Children from 3 years of age onwards

With the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

Length 30 minutes

This magnificent work written and composed by Sergueï Prokofiev is simultaneously a musical story and an educational piece: its aim is to help children recognise the musical instruments of an orchestra associating each one of them with a character or an animal.

The extraordinary journey of Peer Gynt

All audiences from 7 years of age onwards

With the Orchestre de Lancy Genève

Length 1h15

This is the story of Peer Gynt, a young Norwegian farmer, with a tendency to boast and to spin tales, who travels fjords, mountains, deserts and oceans until he understands at the end of his adventurous journeys…

Les mystères de l’Alhambra.

Tout public dès 7 ans avec l’Orchestre de Lancy-Genève.

Durée 1h15

Cette histoire vous emmènera, au rythme vif du fandango et la jota, jusqu’au royaume féerique d’Al Andalus, dans la péninsule ibérique.

Le Tsar Saltan

Tout public dès 7 ans Avec l’Orchestre de Lancy Genève.

Durée 1h15

Conte musical librement adapté de Pouchkine. Trois sœurs rêvent d’épouser le Tsar Saltan. Celui-ci préfère la plus jeune et prend les deux aînées pour la servir au château. ….

Halef, le vendeur d’eau

Spectacle pour enfants dès 6 ans

Avec le Quatuor Terpsycordes.

Durée 45 min

Michael s’ennuie alors qu’il a beaucoup de jouets. Sa maman lui raconte un conte merveilleux en s’inspirant de chaque jouet qu’il choisit…